Brynjar Karl is the founder of Key Habits. He is a former pro athlete and founder of Sideline Sports, a company specializing in quality management solutions for organizations and coaches.
Brynjar played basketball on a scholarship and studied psychology at UAM. He later worked as a consultant for professional teams in major organizations such as NBA, NFL and the English Premier League.

Brynjar Karl develops teaching materials for strength training, tactical and skill work. He has produced technical material for FIBA World (International Basketball Federation).

In 2004, Brynjar Karl founded FSu Basketball, the first sports academy in the Icelandic school system. FSu Basketball is the youngest club with the youngest squad to ever compete in the Icelandic Premier League.

In early 2021 Brynjar's coaching methods were in the global spotlight when the documentary, Raise the Bar, was released worldwide. The movie follows a girls' team that, with Brynjar's guidance, fights for new standards and better opportunities within women's basketball.

Brynjar is an experienced executive coach and lecturer. He specializes in the mental training aspect of talent development and team building. Through his methods, countless team leaders have enhanced their emotional fitness and the development of it.

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