What is Key Habits?
Brynjar Karl founded Key Habits in 2010. Prior to that he co-founded Sideline Sports, a system developed to support some of the world's top sports clubs and organizations to increase performance and productivity.

After having worked with some of the world's best coaches and achieved great success with large clubs and organizations within the NBA, NFL and English Premier League he wanted to expand.

Enter Key Habits – a training system based on his experience at Sideline Sports, adapted for your professional and everyday life.

Key Habits was created for individuals who are committed to achieving their goals in a systematic and successful way. The system is of benefit to executives, teachers, coaches, parents,  athletes and other ambitious individuals.

You decide the goal – superior leadership and managerial skills, increased productivity, sharper focus, increased self-awareness and life fulfillment.

Companies such as Alcoa, Actavis, KPMG, Shell, TBWA, and many more have benefitted from the Key Habits training programs.

Key Habits is ...

• where you construct your philosophy on developing emotional intelligence
• what you do when you know it all
• a coaching clinic for executives, managers, parents and other coaches

This is what they have to say about Key Habits:
Rakel Guðmundsdóttir
Specialist at Alfa Framtak
"It's rare to get such honest feedback. It's exactly what I need in order to reach even further."
Kent Johnston
NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach
"Key Habits is the gift that keeps on giving.“
Sigríður Anna Guðjónsdóttir
Private School Principal
"Key Habits has made me a better executive. I have never received better guidance in building a team.“
Magnús Þór Magnússon
Owner at Alefli ehf
"You can tell that Brynjar Karl has been doing this for a while. His experience and knowledge shines through the moment he starts to challenge you."
Heimir Hallgrímsson
Head Coach of the National Soccer Team at the World Cup 2018
"I strongly recommend Key Habits.“
Gudmundur Palsson
CEO at Pipar/TBWA
"I like the cut-the-crap attitude. It's important sometimes to be challenged in this manner and work through it to succeed."
Jóhannes Kolbeinsson
"Individuals working on their personal development makes us better as a whole.“
Elfa Björk Björgvinsdóttir
Owner at 22 Hill Hotel
"I've been to many different courses and seminars, but very rarely have I been moved in such a way."
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